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sábado, 1 de diciembre de 2012

3 errores comunes en trading ( lectura fusilada)

y  a practicar el ingles, señores(as) !!

Three Common Mistakes in Forex Trading

November 5th, 3:38 pm by Guru Team 

If you start trading by asking yourself: “What is the current market trend?”, congratulations, you start off with the correct question.But most traders miss the next important question: “How reliable is the current market trend?” As that’s where they usually get it wrong.

What seems to be a “strong uptrend” can be just a trap, tempting you to enter the market with the trend.

An explosive price movement can fall back to the previous price levels in no time!
Using a fixed number of pips for Stop Loss, for example 50 pips. Stop Loss has to reflect the current market volatility and the volatility changes over time.
Give the market enough space to breath, or the Stop Loss will be hit!

Drawing all possible trend lines. Maybe you can find several trend lines on one single chart, but not all should be considered.
Prefer trend lines with more than two touching points and trend lines that are long enough. Breaking through a strong trend line results in a massive and profitable move.

Do you think there are other mistakes? Share your comments below!

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